Abstract Division

Dynamic Reflection

Dutch duo Abstract Division is out on a mission. With over 25 years of collective experience under their belt, Paul Boex and Dave Miller are skilled selectors who go above and beyond to find a fitting record for the right moment. While releasing steadily on their Dynamic Reflection label, the duo is known for playing and producing driving, ​​pulsing and hypnotic techno. Abstract Division played multiple times in renowned clubs such as Berghain, Tresor, KHIDI and more than 20 countries.

The duo hosts its DECODE event series in Rotterdam when not touring the world. The concept revolves around a proper techno experience and is often their testing ground for essential tracks. The signature sound captured in their productions always find its way into the record bags of the world’s key DJs, and each new release marks a subtle evolution in sound. Never sitting still, Abstract Division is a true techno force with one foot in the ’90s and another in the future. 

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