Adam Shelton

One Records

Since discovering electronic beats during the early ‘90s, a sentiment was installed; a vision, a direction were forged. From Walsall in the West Midlands emerged a masterly, lucid rhythm. A record collection evoked in 1995, with Adam Shelton creating conscious melodies before taking the helm and running the infamous Below Sunday raves. Held at various haunts around Birmingham, the city has remained Shelton’s firm base. The Rainbow courtyard and warehouse were a venture Adam co-owned, while starting One Records alongside Subb-An in 2009. Collectively, they were known as SAS, a project set to re launch early 2019. A

dam’s long time rapture with electro and fractured sounds steers us to Eon records, the descendant label spawning from One records, which launches in the autumn of 2018. As an extension of his creative output, the method for Shelton is to bring high-end sounds to the cityscape alongside Jayson Wynters, as label selector for Birmingham’s freshest record escape dubbed, Café Artum. Craig Richards London-based gathering with Adam Shelton, Tantrum, is a journey through all forms of electro and otherworldly beats. Adam’s deep musical knowledge and technical approach as a dj is infectious, already devoting over two decades to the industry, His intent is evident and thorough.

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