System 108

Daniel Senichkin, aka Bejenec, is one of the most intriguing talents that have appeared on the music scene in Ukraine recently. Although Daniel has been involved in music all his life, he has truly made a name for himself only over the past few years. Frequent appearances at Kyiv Brave! Factory, the residency of Kultura Zvuka, the debut release on System 108 guaranteed him the status of a young artist, which is worth to watch. The musical formation and development of Daniel as a musician began with experiments in his bedroom studio. Later, after moving to Kherson, Daniel has founded post-punk project Save Switzerland. For two years of existence, the group managed to go on tour and record several full-length releases. In 2015, he decided to change the place of living again and moved to Odessa, where he became part of the local community.
Having finally realized that he wants to work outside the team, Daniel created the live project Bejenec. The first big push for Bejenec was the debut appearance at Kyiv Brave! Factory, where Daniel played sharp live set, which attracted attention of the Kyiv community. 2019 became truly a productive year for Bejenec. Firstly, he was invited to become a resident of Kharkiv Kultura Zvuka studio, in May the first Bejenec’s track was released for a compilation of french imprint Lumbago. Then he became a part of the Moscow formation SYSTEM 108, which subsequently published his first record.
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