Grace Dahl

Everyone On Acid / Coincidence Records / Khazad

Grace Dahl is a Techno DJ/Producer making a name for herself with her stellar DJ performances and her flourishing skill for production. Her sound is typically difficult to categorize. Her taste in techno is ever-evolving as she discovers the distinctive sounds in electronic music. Always on the look out for a sound that energises her sets and captivates her audiences, the sets she plays are never alike. Momentarily she finds her inspiration within a lot of old-school UK influences while mainly focussing on the more powerful, straightforward spectrum of Techno. She builds tension by adding current industrial touches, leading acid lines and sinister vocals to her otherwise dominating old-school sound. Since the start of 2017 she has been able to present her advanced skill at events such as Soenda, Unpolished, Thuishaven and Verknipt whilst sharing line-ups with countless respected artists in the industry. With more impressive gigs and productions coming up, she is on her way to making her vision become reality.
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