Ingi Visions

Slapfunk Records

Examining field notes found in the third realm of the dense spirit world, we came to know more about thevoyage that brought earth the blood brothers Samuel Deep and Julian Alexander. Unified under the moniker Ingi Visions, the beings are in fact earthlings, who had devoted their pasthundred lives to an interdimensional psychonautical venture. The latest expedition brought them back toplanet earth. Drawn to nearly extinct Surinam tribes for their knowledge of mind-altering plants, theapprentices immersed themselves completely in the sorcerers’ magical world. Their aim was toreconstruct their inherently tribal grace to worship nature, and value every tree and pebble as an objectof reverence. Yet, the seventh orbit of the Utrecht civilization called them upon, and so they decided toabort their journey and descend on this tiny piece of earth in The Netherlands.

The two encountered an almost apocalyptic settlement of artificial blocksbuilt into walls of a so-calledmodern society. The superior equilibrium in this dimension was materialism, and spiritual arrogance hadreplaced humility. In the fifth dimension, they had mastered techniques such as peripheral crate digging,jazz guitar playing, shutting off internal dialogues, the warrior dance and the tuning of frequencies.These vehicles allowed them to become warriors in opening minds and internal hidden recourses. Theirnew mission was clear: they would bring back the culture of raving, unite likeminded individuals andopen up a new passageway to the highest realm possible: liberation of the mind.

This resulted in an ongoing quest to enrich the world of house and techno, with a gentle bombardment ofminimal grooves and garage ambiences. Being the first son, Samuel (29)–the King of Swing-initiatedthe mission, and soon saw his sonic shamanism receive international acclaim. He has played countlessstellar gigs, outstandingly Panorama bar (Berlin) and Fabric (London) alongside heavyweight artists asRyan Elliot, DVS1 and Margret Dygas. His releases, exclusively on SlapFunk Records, gained supportfrom Resident Advisor and include his latest EP Moov! on SlapFunk Records.

While Samuel is known for his raw, remorseless and energetic sound,his sibling Julian (22) chose aslightly more introspective form of pure dance floor music, full of depth and his beloved jazz influences.He has graced the stage at festivals and clubs including Shelter, BRET, Heideglühen (Berlin), Fabric(London) All his releases–on Blind Box, Adult only, Infuseand SlapFunk-were received well, notablyhis first release on Dungeon Meat got much attention and was included on Baby Ford’s Fabric Mixalongside some of the greatest in the business.

Realising a fuse of these individual styles would result into a potion of unearthly force, the two decided tocreate music together as Ingi Visions. Five years into their yin and yang union, they are now preparingfor new releases and a summer full of gigs ranging from Bpm festival (Portugal), DC10, Shelter to Clubder Visionaire (Berlin). Luckily for the temporary vessels andpermanent souls that dwell on this planet, these dance warriors are here to stay.

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