Karim Soliman

Born in Cairo, Egypt with both the Egyptian and the Dutch nationalities, Karim Soliman learned to navigate through different cultures from a young age. When he moved to the city of Rotterdam in 2002 he was quickly influenced by electronic dance music & started DJing and organising illegal raves. Things started really taking off for Karim after winning Michel de Hey’s DJ contest back in 2011, whose name is now a main stay at renown Dutch festivals & venues such as Free Your Mind, Toffler, Give Soul, Thuishaven Amsterdam, BASIS Utrecht, Colorado Charlie Scheveningen. With recent gigs at Extrema Outdoor Belgium, Viuz Club Medellin, & Saikuk Tulum affirms the international recognition of Karim’s potential.

Expect a blend of bass-laden tech-house, minimal-tech & traditional Chicago house with vocals when Karim steps onto the decks: “I’ve always appreciated variety in sets and that is the key is to my journey: the ups never sound better if there are no downs” it’s for this exact reason why venues & festival, Toffler & Give Soul respectively, in his hometown Rotterdam granted him multiple all-nighter’s throughout his career.

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