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It’s been rare for NASTIA to have a ten-day break since her career as Ukraine’s most successful touring DJ began, let alone ten days of total silence. But discovering Vipassana meditation at the start of 2019, which involved just that, has launched a new phase in a life of ever-forward evolution. Nastia has been the small village girl absorbing electronic music through the soundtracks of Luc Besson and The Wachowskis, the big city dancer finding fluency out on the floor and the resident DJ, playing three times a day at her native KaZantip – one of the most famous festivals to ever come from the region – and honing her sound at Moscow’s famous Arma17, after joining the club in 2010. But she’s best known for the tireless gigging and openness that’s made her one of the world’s most fearless and respected techno DJs, featured on the cover of Mixmag and DJ Magazine and filling clubs from Berghain to Brasil. It’s a standing acknowledged by her recent invitation into the BBC Radio 1 fold as part of their influential Residency series, building on her years of experience broadcasting on Ukraine’s Kiss FM.
As being a tastemaker and broadcaster on radio highlights, much of her attention is on others and the scene in general. Strichka, her annual festival and birthday celebration at Kiev’s iconic Closer club, has brought the world’s most influential acts to Ukraine, from Lil Louis and Plaid to DJ Stingray and Aux 88. It’s part of the rebirth of the country’s club scene, which Nastia believes is now the healthiest in the world (and which she continues to support by playing for free when DJing there). Kiev’s Velseka, for example, recently hosted SHEIS, a costumed alter ego that allowed Nastia the freedom to play faster, more experimental techno.
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