Nastia launched the NECHTO record label in 2019 intending to promote lesser-known talents and make them heard on a broader scale. Shortly after NECHTO’s launch, Nastia presented the label’s first showcase in the fall of 2020. The event’s lineup consisted of local artists and was a success – more than 3000 people attended. Now the label is putting together its 3rd large-scale event and is preparing to declare itself to the world. With a futuristic and refreshing take on the electronic music scene, NECHTO is open to showcase itself internationally whilst offering an otherly experience for audiences from all over the world.  

NECHTO Artists
BSKD is a DJ/Producer from Ukraine. Co-organizer and resident local techno parties LOZH, a resident of the oldest Kharkov club Zhivot, resident of the Ukrainian label NECHTO. He released his traditional 140 bpm techno and acid tracks on NECHTO, Lost Episodes, NXT, Luminar, Space Shuttle and Qubiq Records.

Bejenec (live), is one of the most intriguing talents that have appeared on the music scene in Ukraine recently. Although Daniel has been involved in music all his life, he has truly made a name for himself only over the past few years. Frequent appearances at Kyiv Brave! Factory, the residency of Kultura Zvuka, the debut release on System 108 guaranteed him the status of a young artist, which is worth to watch. The musical formation and development of Daniel as a musician began with experiments in his bedroom studio. Later, after moving to Kherson, Daniel has founded post-punk project Save Switzerland. For two years of existence, the group managed to go on tour and record several full-length releases. In 2015, he decided to change the place of living again and moved to Odessa, where he became part of the local community.

Daria Kolosova is Kyiv-based techno DJ, co-founder of Materia(UA) events and resident of NECHTO and System108. She’s been a vital part of the local scene and over the past few years, the geography of her performances has expanded significantly from Kyiv’s Closer, Otel’, Club to Berlin’s Funkhaus and Tresor, Rex (Paris), Fabric (London) or the Boiler Room broadcast series. After her b2b debut with Nastia at Arma17 10-Years Anniversary in Berlin, she continued to tour around the world solo and in tandem with Nastia.

Incorrect Waves, born in the central of Ukraine, originated his sound from hard rock. As teenager he started discovering electronic music in all kind of ways. Currently the music he is making is faster and more aggressive then he used to be. The acquaintance with Nastia resulted in releasing tracks on NECHTO. Now his music also transforms but not so dramatically. Thanks to Nastia he succeeded in realizing hisself as a DJ and the first step in that was his performance at Ostrov Festival. He is in constant self-development and try to make up his tracks to be authentic, the same kind of music he likes to play.

Nastia does not need an introduction. The most successful Ukrainian dj in the world and the most touring artist in the history of her country. The founder of NECHTO. Co-founder of Strichka festival in Kyiv in collaboration with Closer. One of the key figures on Ukrainian scene. She travelled all around the globe and now focused on NECHTO as a label and event brand in order to bring something revolutionary to the modern dance music culture. She was a resident of BBC Radio 1, famous Kazantip festival and iconic Arma17 club in Moscow. Her aim is to bring fresh names and new talents including Ukrainian artists to the world’s scene and change the rave concept with her NECHTO showcases. Running conceptual  audio-visual projects such as Scary Beautiful and making True Talk interview series with different artists. Performing at queer parties with her SHEIS alter ego and supporting LGBTQ+ movement. Nastia is an ideologist and one of the strongest female leaders on the scene.

Splinter (UA) (live) has a tender personal relationship with techno which started over a decade ago. He describes his sound as modular techno with  industrial elements, but this definition only scratches the surface of a rich, energetic and powerful artistic output, that is based on his love for hardware and notable instrument design skills. He modular live’s a perfect example of his philosophy, aimed at rocking every dance-floor down to its core.

Symonenko (live) is a live act artist from Ukraine, Kyiv who is developing techno sound. Which is often built around melodies, hidden in percussive parts and repetitive trippy grooves. Most of all he likes to perform dance music. At his live acts Symonenko usually shares all the freshest and already known tunes he had created in his studio combined with spontaneous musical decisions driven by dancers’ flow. His modular live set is a high-energy mixing style, looking and sounding very similar to dj-sets: with many dropdowns and rich synth melodies, so there’s no time to get bored, but mostly being involved and just shine together!

Voin Oruwu (live) is a project of Kyiv-based producer Dmitriy Avksentiev, also known as Koloah. Originally the Voin Oruwu was born as a dedication to the cinematography background of the artist. Under the name of Oruwu, he creates multimedia releases in which he explores technology, the future, science, and art. «My main inspiration is space and parallel universes. It is infinity for imagination», — said the artist in his early interview for CXEMA. Voin Oruwu created a whole new world, where he mixes heavy rhythm, futuristic sound and transforms it to cinematic perspective. He performed during Boiler Room parties, CXEMA, and has his gigs at such venues as BASEMENT (New York), Tresor (Berlin), and Berghain (Berlin), which makes him a regular guest across worldwide clubs.






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