Their family name isn’t the only thing these 2 brothers have in common. An intense and deep-rooted family connection, a strong sense of solidarity and an intense musical passion constitute but a few of their distinguishing shared attributes. Tenzers represent a wide and sophisticated range of music, which they’ve been collecting over the years. Their diverse and versatile sound is deeply rooted in techno and house coming from both Detroit and Chicago, but branches further out into electro, IDM, disco, jazz, afro and anything else that catches their fancy while digging for eclectic and exotic records.

Their open-minded approach to mixing enables them to blend all this musical diversity into a refined genre-crossing fusion. Their father played an important role in their musical development. The brothers were introduced to music at an early age he had carefully collected over the years. Influenced and fascinated by this varied collection they started searching for their own taste.

Nowadays the three brothers are living together their own home, with a home studio, in Amsterdam. The driven duo is currently doing well; they played some impressive sets at Studio 80, Trouw, Shelter, Pip, Radion, Cruquiusgilde, Closure, Zeezout, Cartel and have been on Red Light Radio multiple times.
They’re also taking Buitengewoon to a new level as they organise successful events in their hometown Leiden, Amsterdam and The Hague. Apart from DJ’ing and organising they’re carefully planning out their first few releases.


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