Voin Oruwu/Koloah

NECHTO Records

Voin Oruwu is a project of Kyiv-based producer Dmitriy Avksentiev, also known as Koloah. Originally the Voin Oruwu was born as a dedication to the cinematography background of the artist. Under the name of Oruwu, he creates multimedia releases in which he explores technology, the future, science, and art. «My main inspiration is space and parallel universes. It is infinity for imagination», — said the artist in his early interview for CXEMA. Voin Oruwu created a whole new world, where he mixes heavy rhythm, futuristic sound and transforms it to cinematic perspective.
As a continuation to his practice, the latest release, “Inertia” is a virtual reality project created in collaboration with French digital artist Simon Kounovsky at the label Standard Deviation. It revolves around the decay of human relationships with nature. Voin Oruwu has been released at such labels as PRIVATE PERSONS, NECHTO Records, Kvitnu. He is a regular guest across worldwide clubs Closer, ∄; festivals Ostrov, Brave! Factory Festival, Strichka, and more. He performed during Boiler Room parties, CXEMA, and has his gigs at such venues as BASEMENT (New York), Tresor (Berlin), and Berghain (Berlin).
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