Joey Daniel

Music On / Moon Harbour / Moan Records

Joey Daniel’s career can be summed up as nothing less than a well-deserved rise to fame. The Rotterdam born/Amsterdam-resident has been making waves through the Dutch dance scene for over a decade now. By now he has become a key figure in Dutch nightlife, a trusted provider of acclaimed sets, having played nearly every club and festival imaginable.

His early beginnings find their roots in Rotterdam, where Daniel was adopted by one of Holland’s most forefront nightclubs, Toffler. At Toffler, he would later also become a resident, putting enough trust in Joey’s capabilities to grant him an all-nighter twice a year.

During these marathon sets – sometimes even lasting ten hours – in Toffler, Joey would come to truly understand what it is that fuels him as a DJ and how he can take complete control of a crowd.

“I’m a sucker for the low-end, dubby tech spectrum of dance music. That’s why bass always plays a key role in my sets”, Joey says of his musical tastes. Just add the driving percussion elements, especially the subtle hi-hat and snare elements to that and you get an idea of what you’re in for when you have Joey Daniel playing in front of you.

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