Philou Louzolo

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Phil Louzolo is a very promising DJ and producer from Rotterdam. With electronic captured in an African soul, he’s making a name for himself in Holland and far beyond. Louzolo’s signature sound is also his message: representing the pan-african culture and voice in the electronic music arena. He excels in an effortless musical marriage of electronic music and traditional music from the continent that carries his roots. Philou is aware about socially-political issues within the industry and keen to step into the break for his ideals. 

His feature on an EP with the legendary Larry Heard on the A side in 2016 earned him recognition from around the world. The many festivals and clubs Louzolo performed at, illustrate his progressive and unique sound. A few names: P-Bar, Nuits Sonores, Dekmantel Selectors, North Sea Jazz, Lowlands and Atlas (Marrakech). At Atlas Festival he was flanked by a Moroccan live-act Bana. Another highlight is the success of his EP Alkbulan Republic which was a tribute to Nigerian pioneers such as Fela Kuti and William Onyeabor. This EP was recorded in collaboration with musicians from Ghana and Nigeria and mixed and produced by Philou in Rotterdam. This vinyl gem is repressed at least 4 times, and hit the Juno bestseller charts as well 4 times.

Wokoundou Radio

Live from Red Light Radio Wokoundou juju in full effect!1. Oceanic - Yellow Cone (Solo)2. Kalbata - The Town3.Exquisite Corpse - Inner Rhythm4. Ninos Du Brasil - Legios De Cupins5. Harmonious T - Kabriman6. Ninos Du Brasil - No Meio Da Noite (PL Edit)7. Orion 70 - Book 038. Alma Negra - Kabare (Bambounou Remix)9. Damon Bell - Teph Tep10. Damon Bell - Hue Man Made11. Philou Louzolo (Upcoming Wokoundou)12. Aybee - Man Over Machine13. DJ Qu - Circuit14. Master H - Cogs15. Afrikan Voices - Ekon16. Floyd Lavine - African Acid17. Kususa - Icilongo18. Africans With Mainframes - The Face Of Africa19. Philou Louzolo (Upcoming Wokoundou)20. Drexciya - The Plankton Organization21. Philou Louzolo (Upcoming Wokoundou)22 .Philou Louzolo (Upcoming Wokoundou)

Geplaatst door Philou Louzolo op Dinsdag 23 april 2019
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