Oracle Bones

Hailing from Holland’s West Coast, JEANS is a powerhouse behind the decks with an uncanny ability to commandeer the dance floor with his characteristic free-flowing style, pushing sonic buttons beyond outer planetary limits. Anything goes and nothing is what it seems as he rifles through his audacious selections while manipulating the pitch faders in every which way. Nobody’s safe from the ‘Ice Cream Man’ when he gets going like an unstoppable train laying down face-melting tekno bangers, breakbeat filth, shamanic, transcendental techno, hints of trance and anything else that gets the job done. However, don’t be fooled by his mischievous smile because he’s got a tender side too and when you least expect it, he will drop some cosmic ambient or laid-back dub reggae on you and it will be exactly what you need at that moment.

Emerging from The Hague’s hardcore and jungle scene with a deep love for raw 90’s Hip Hop, Memphis-rap, Dub and Raggamuffin, JEANS ultimately expanded into the realms of tekno, techno, breakbeat, goa and trance but stays noticeably true to his roots in his sets. His tenacity to push the limits and willingness to challenge the crowd has gained him widespread praise, a residency at Het Magazijn and the role of head booker at PIP Den Haag. He spends his downtime jamming on drum machines and producing in his studio while also reinforcing his own lable Oracle Bones. With a tongue-in-cheek attitude and always on the grind, JEANS is not to be underestimated.

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