Michel de Hey

Electronic music has always been about discovery. Taking dance floors to a next level with exciting new sounds, capturing audiences with a continuous element of surprise – innovation has invariably been the driving force here. One of the guiding lights in this ever changing scenery is surely Michel de Hey, renowned for his 30 years of experience in the field, a worldwide respected DJ, producer, label boss and promoter. With his story still developing, things are getting more interesting by the day.

For sure, Michel de Hey is expanding his grounds. With his recent album and 2 fresh new labels called In the Future and Future Feel, Michel is at his all time high when it comes to releasing music and discovering new crowds. At this moment there’s no saying in what lies next for this Dutch notoriety. Whatever it is, it will showcase electronic music in its most current shape, fresh and invigorating, with Michel de Hey as its most trustworthy guide.

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