De School / Imprint

Amsterdam’s Sandrien is known for her versatile take on techno. From deep and atmospheric to high-energy breaks and acid; her dynamic track selection has made her a dance floor favourite in her hometown and beyond. She contributed to shaping the Dutch techno current landscape with her legendary Imprint nights at Trouw, where she was a resident, and later continued this with her residency at De School.

Though still deeply entrenched in her hometown scene, Sandrien is now a welcome guest at vital clubs like Berghain, Bassiani and Fabric, and frequently tours Asian clubs like Contact and Circus. It is at these places that she joins the dots between the past and the present, with driving drums and well-structured sets that are adventurous when needed and familiar when the feeling takes her there. Her musically open mind attracts similar open minded crowds who appreciate her every move, whether that’s a sweaty set in cozy confines of the basement of De School in Amsterdam or on an enormous platform at somewhere like Awakenings, Lowlands or Loveland.

She was also given the honour of playing a special farewell Boiler Room set at Trouw shortly before it closed and was part of the outstanding Boiler Room at Skate Café, where she thrilled the crowd with her energetic selections, and she continued to curate her own De School nights with quality guests like Blawan, DJ Nobu and Oscar Mulero. Always evolving while staying true to the uncompromising roots of techno, Sandrien remains at the beating heart of both the local and international scenes.

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