Ion Ludwig

Ion Ludwig has helped to shape and direct the  ‘minimal electronicʼ music since the mid 2000s up until very now and beyond.

Since 2003’s Ludwig develops his production skills via early programs such as reason 1.0 and Ableton 1.0. However, before this introduction to electronic music there was pre-digital-electronic music period where Ludwig initially was schooled in notation, xylophone and guitar. Later on African percussions developed interest as followed course in Djembe. Here is where his rooted love for Classical and Jazz music starts to develop.

It’s the year 2006 when Ludwig moves from Amsterdam to Berlin and gets his degree in music and entertainment-industries, where during his years in Berlin to develop a heavy workaholic-production ethic and get a strain of releases on multiple early Berlinesque labels such as Motiv Bank and Resopal,  and years later, 2018,  releasing music on a co-produced EP for Perlon.

During the changes of winds and directions in the last recents year his music has not been left untouched in the movement of living its life. Reaching back to his acoustic past has made a reopened an old portal, walking a path into developing an acoustic approach to play ‘ live-musicʼ. The dancefloor is becoming of age, time slows down, life speeds up, just as its musical counterpart.

His live-set approaches hectic and eclectic moments in order to keep short focus-spans attentive. Music for Night-Societies with common suppressed anger to release and ominous drive to reach new mental states of cross-genre defined music.

In the present his live-set has played on pillars and monuments of dance music, around the world. Awakenings, Trouw, Berghain/Panoramabar, Robert Johnson, Guesthouse, Sunwaves, Ampere, Fuse, Rex Club, Fabric, Modernity, Supermarket, Gazgolder, Arma17, Mutabor, Club der Visionaere, where the list goes on.

His sound has been described as tribal, etherical yet poppy and tantric, leaning on the synchopath and the lowest ends, interlocking synthetica with acoustic sound design and sampled sources of any kind any genre.

Music for the future is and has been in the making, where the boundaries of the given work to the world will ever expanded again.



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